Shumiao Liu  (Sharon)

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Dear Ambrosia

09/21 2021 — 10/05 2021
AR Game

3D Artist: Ruizi Wang

3D Artist: Hagan Miller
Programmer: Jimmy Chen

Programmer:Jialu Sun
Producer/ Sound Designer: Sharon Liu

In this game, we create a tilting board game which allows players to control the main character (a marble prince) by adjusting the angle and inclination of the board. To increase our game's scope, we design the board as a two-part maze. Inside the maze, the player can collect different items and try to find the princess. Furthermore, the storyline of our game is to win the princess heart back by selecting the right gift after discovered the princess.

How to play

Players need to tilt the board. By tilting it, they can control the “prince” ball to touch the objects and triger the next switch. After players triggered all the switches, they can pass the maze to find the princess.

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