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Emotional map

May 2020 — Aug 2020
Rhino, Unity, Sketch, P5JS, After Effect, AI

This project explores the emotional relationship between people and the map. It allows users to interact with maps effectively


In my internship at Tencent, I did work related to navigation.

In the process, I found that people's understandings and cognition of maps, places, and navigation were limited to the latitude and longitude of buildings. The interpretation of the map from both static and objective levels is limited.

The soul of a city is composed of the accumulation of some buildings and the communication between people, light, color, sound, and so on.


We wanted to show what the area looks like in a dynamic interactive way, and we also wanted to listen to the mental story of the people in the city. What they produce, what they affect, and how they feel is the key to let people experience and understand the multi-dimensional status of a location when using a map.


To find out the connection between an area and a person’s emotional status. Also, what kind of factors in this area affect their emotion. I conduct two types of user research.

Push 1: Observe

I randomly took pictures of 30 pedestrians in four different places and one of the four in different times. I used a form to record information about them.
The goal of the observation is to see the real-time information that people can show in different types of areas.

Key Findings (Observe)

Two areas carried same facilities
  • They have different atmospheres
  • They can attract different types of people

An area in different time
  • People are in different emotional states.
  • The pace of the life is different.

Push 2: Focus Group

There are 3 groups of people of different ages that I interviewed. I asked them about four types of emotion. For example, Which area you think can immediately be associated with happiness? I asked them to talk about their personal experience.

The goal of this focus group is to see how people define their own emotions related to areas.

Key Findings (Focus group)

  • People has different understandings with one area.

  • Different understandings depend on their various characteristics and needs

    A person’s impression of an area is not only related to the atmosphere of this area but also his personal experience.


Based on the key findings of the user research, I found out the feeling of an area that a person has is not limited in the longitude and latitude. This map will show the creativeness and break through the concept of itself.


This map will designed of four basic factors. Those are the things that may affect a multi-dimensional map.




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