Shumiao Liu  (Sharon)

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Escape Game

Feb 2020 — May 2020
Unity, Sketch, P5JS, After Effect, AI

This is a small game with simple elements such as round, line, and shapes. The game's purpose is to let users solve problems with innovative and reverse thinking. Users need to let the "round" escape
the maze.


Gestalt Theory
Gestalt theory is a psychological term that aims to explain how certain human behaviors arise and how our visual experience is linked to the brain’s responses. When an incomplete figure appears in people’s vision, people’s visual thinking will tend to complete it automatically, making it become a known, complete, common, and overall figure, namely “gestalt.” People’s aesthetic view has a basic requirement for the whole and harmony. To put it simply, the visual image is perceived first as a unified whole and then as a part. Generally speaking, we first “see” the whole of the composition and then “see” the features that make up the whole.

Cognitive process

Example in life

Prompted problem

aInnate bias Some people think their children should inherit their work and interests. However, children should have their attractions. They are not someone’s own. They are individuals.

b.  Wrong cognition In lots of films that talk about aliens, they are depicted as human-like. This is because people think the other creatures with wisdom look like a human.

c.  Lost of creativeness
Because of the knowledge you learned from school or family and the unchangeable life you have, no creative ideas pop up in your mind. The statement that people have just limited experience.





Synthesis of Findings

Based on all the data I collected from previous research,  I found some problem areas I could work on in the way people percept a thing or multiple elements.


My design goal is to encourage people to think outside of a particular frame of mind and see things from a different perspective.

USER FLOW Based on the key findings of the user research, I found out the feeling of an area that a person has is not limited in the longitude and latitude. This map will show the creativeness and break through the concept of itself.


This map will designed of four basic factors. Those are the things that may affect a multi-dimensional map.


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