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11/02 2021 — 11/30 2021
Cave-Interctive Space
Vive Tracker

Producer / Sound Designer: (Shumiao)Sharon Liu
Programmer: Tairan Gao
Programmer: Shan Jiang
Artist: Leah Lee
Artist : Sandra Liu

This is a Christmas racing game for 2~3 people to play. You can either play as Rudolph to control the direction or Santa to throw out the gifts to houses and snowballs to evil snowmen. Users can have enjoyable and exciting moments.

The Immersive Space

The space is called “Cave”. There is a board on the ground which the operator can control it to tilt it to different directions. Thus, it can let the players feel immersive To learn more about the space, click:

How to Play

People who stand on the left Use the controller to throw snowball and heat back the snowman.

People who stand on the right
Use the controller to throw gifts to
the houses.

People who stand in the center
Use the dancing pad  to control the direction and speed up/down.

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