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Social media

Jul 2020 — Sept 2020
Rhino, Color sensor, Led, PVC

Internet is dominating modern life. We rely on the convenience brought by the Internet. Some virtual social interaction tends to trap the real self. The installation is designed to allow participants to feel lost or trapped in the network and reflect on the social interaction that surrounds them.

 About the topic


Relating to or existing in an environment in which facts are viewed as irrelevant, or less important than personal beliefs and opinions, and emotional appeals are used to influence public opinion. With the popularization of the Internet, people’s life and social contact are increasingly inseparable from virtual media. This is the advent of the post-truth era.

Social contact

Social media made us feel lonely. People used to share their life and emotion arbitrary. On Internet, There were full of people’s happy faces. Now there are just work, polite thumb up and tentative greetings with friends. There are three types of communications happened on  the social media.


User research

Therefore, I conduct an interview. I asked four persons about their own social interaction and their thoughts about this kind of communication


Panoramic Prison the fear that it brought is not from watching by others. It is from the psychological impact which brought by daylighting design in prison. Every room in prison has two windows. One is designed for people on lookout tower and another one is for sunlight. This kind of design allowed guard on the lookout tower clearly see the action that prisoners may took in their room. However, prisoner who is in the backlighting couldn’t see if someone is watching at him. Therefore, prisoner will always control their behavior and manage their actions.


How to interact

What they mean


Working process


Working on arduino


Working process

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