Shumiao Liu  (Sharon)

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05/01 2020 — 08/30 2020


My role: UI/UX Designer

I had a UI/UX Designer internship in a big technology company in the summer. My responsibilities are to design the interface in an app about commuting and communicating with programmers. My intern started participating in the design support of the "Tencent travel service"  WeChat small program project that is on the homepage of the WeChat payment function with 1.1 billion WeChat users in China. At present, the daily active users of this small program have raised from 20000 at the beginning of 2020 to more than 1 million, and the target is 3.5 million by the end of 2020.

UI Design

One of the first things I do as a UI designer is to organize the flow of this app so that both the developer and the product manager have a clear idea of how the project will work. Then I organize the existing design components to have a design specification on their side and keep the design goals, appearance elements, and interaction consistent.

UI Design - Illustration

I started to make some illustrations and banners for advertisements and main pages based on the "Trip" theme. The goal of the illustrations are for users to increase the sense of fun and freshness

UI Design - Banner

UI Design - Mobile

Home Page

Refuel Page

Other Pages

UX Design – User Journey Map

I also participated in the iterative optimization of the vehicle and machine side.

  • First of all, we define three target users (with different genders, different ages, different lifestyles).

  • Then, I define scenarios that include before going out, after going out and going to the gas station.

  • Then, I analyze the user's touchpoints based on the scenario: for example, before going out, the user will want to check the weather, map, traffic condition, etc. When dropping off children in the car, users will use the car's touch screen to listen to music, FM.

  • The next step is to state the user behavior based on the touchpoints (such as in the process of sending their children, parents will want to use the map function to see if there is a traffic jam or not and from the aspects of audio entertainment, parents may open children's radio to attract children's attention, or to listen to children's English courses)

  • Based on the user's behavior, we further analyzed the user's pain points and opportunities. First, from the aspect of the map, the driver always wants to view the map many times and change the navigation because there is always heavy traffic on the way to school. The opportunities of this problem are to make the "change navigation way" function clearer and more apparent. Another one is that children will often arrive at school in the middle of listening to children's programs, and they will want to listen to the program the next time they are in the car. Therefore, content and information of interest that you want to save need to be easily shared. We add links between car and mobile to enjoy coherent services.

UX Design – Prototype for in-car User experience

I also participated in establishing the low-fidelity prototype of the in-car FM player interface.

Design key points: Highlight the core functions of FM, easy to touch and control, need to have essential functions, balance the visual and tactile experience.

Visually, the vehicle should be kept clean and straightforward to avoid attracting the driver. Secondly, to ensure the safety of driving, voice buttons are set up to reduce the time for drivers to look away from the road.

A significant iteration of the radio interface was to simulate physical buttons, allowing users to tune frequencies manually.

UI Iteration — Car

Brand Design

BMW China Automotive Trading Ltd. and Tencent signed an agreement in Beijing on Friday, 19 July to work together on building the BMW Group China High Performance D³ platform. The BMW Group will use the platform to develop automated driving technologies and products which suit the complex local traffic conditions and meet local customer demands.  

My design wad selected as the sole Polo shirts designer by BMW, which was designated as the official wearing of Auto-driving Vehicle Summit co-held by Tencent and BMW;